The OPC Hack & Make Project is a project that opens Olympus technology
in order to blaze new trails in photographic experiences
along withdevelopers, creators, and users.

In addition to interchangeable lenses and accessories, the OPC is a new camera in that users can freely choose from hardware that controls the camera and UI (User Interface).
Because this is an open platform, we are making tools available such as app development kits (SDK) for complete freedom to “Hack & Make” with the OPC. In other words, the SDK can be used to easily “Hack” or develop applications to control the camera from a smartphone or tablet, and the 3D data of the OPC exterior and interfaces can be used to “Make” or design original accessories to be fabricated on a 3D printer.
Currently camera makers and users are split, but by providing this open platform those divisions will disappear, leading to the next innovations and new photographic experiences.