To create new imaging experiences with the OPC Hack & Make project, we believe it is essential to have an active user community.

We plan on making Stack Overflow available as a community for developers talking about programming.
Please check the following guidelines before participating so you can see where different posts are to be directed depending on the content of the question.

You can easily find questions in Stack Overflow using the “olympus-camerakit” tag. If you can’t find the question you’re looking for, keep posting. If no one posted question tagged with “olympus-camerakit” and you do not have enough reputation score to create the tag,
please post your question with title including a keyword “Olympus Camera Kit.”
Your posts will be a valuable knowledge base.
Be sure not to just post questions, but answers as well.
Although we cannot guarantee a response from Olympus, the OPC support team will provide as much support as possible.

We look forward to an active exchange of opinions and an exciting community.