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-Precaution Statements on sending an inquiry-

To submit an inquiry, you must first agree with the following items.

Note: For questions on the SDK, please first check the forum.

Handling of personal information

  • ・Except for cases when permissible by law, personal information provided by the customer is used for the following purposes when consent is granted ahead of time.
    • ➢ To respond to customer inquiries
    • ➢ To send project notifications
    • ➢ To create statistical materials in order to measure project results (statistical processing will not identify individuals)
    • ➢ To send notifications about Olympus products

If circumstances arise where personal information must be used for purposes
other than those stated above, customers will be notified in advance and
information will not be used until consent is granted.

  • ・ In some cases, information obtained from customers will be forwarded to Olympus group companies, Olympus group company departments, or vendors with whom a confidentiality agreement has been concluded in order to enable the purpose of use identified to the customer, and replies may be made from the disclosure destination.
  • ・ Based on the Personal Information Protection Law, customers have the right to request that their own personal information provided by them be disclosed, amended, or deleted. For further details, see "Inquiries on personal information" (
  • ・ For details on how Olympus handles personal information, please see "Olympus personal information protection policy" (".
  • ・ Information contained in replies from Olympus is intended for individual customers. Please do not use part or all of inquiries for any other purpose.
  • ・ Persons under 16 years of age must have the consent of their legal guardian before providing personal information.

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